The Cerberus Incident 1.1

The Cerberus Incident 1.1: Graphical Role Playing Game: Can you shutdown Cerberus before it`s too late? Cerberus Experiment needs to be shut down... The Cerberus Incident features realistic 3D graphics and a full-fledged role playing game engine. This game does require a modern 3D graphics card, and that your computer support DirectX version 9.0 or better. The Cerberus Incident is a fairly short role playing game; An experienced player may complete the game in as little as a few hours. Less experienced players may take considerably longer. The Cerberus

Cerberus FTP Server Secure and reliable SFTP,FTPS, and HTTPS solution for demanding IT professionals
Cerberus FTP Server

Cerberus FTP Server combines industrial strength secure encryption with powerful performance for both the demanding IT professional and the casual file sharer. Cerberus supports FTP, FTP over TLS/SSL (FTPS and FTPES), the SSH2 File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), and web client access over HTTP and HTTPS. Optimized to use very few system resources, Cerberus is easy to administer and can quickly be configured to authenticate against Active Directory and

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Cerberus FTP Server 2.45: Secure and easy to use FTP server designed to use very little CPU and memory.
Cerberus FTP Server 2.45

Cerberus FTP Server provides industrial strength secure SSL/TLS encryption and powerful FTP server performance without sacrificing ease-of-use. Designed to use very little CPU and memory, Cerberus features a user-friendly interface that can be easily hidden or accessed from the system tray.The server can integrate with Active Directory, run as an NT service, resume failed transfers, and offers an easy-to-use manager for controlling user access.

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Cerberus Security Guard 4.3.0: Cerberus Security Guard is a software which guards against system attacks
Cerberus Security Guard 4.3.0

Cerberus Security Guard is such a program devoted to security challenges whose purpose is to keep your computer safe from attacks of Trojan horses, keyloggers, multiple interceptors, and other kinds of system hacks, including various types of spyware. Cerberus Security Guard is another highly demanded software offered by which guarantees a system well taken care of in terms of professional Internet protection. It sets up a central

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Cerberus Browser 2.0: A free, safe content Internet browser using the power of Google to rank websites
Cerberus Browser 2.0

Cerberus free, safe content Internet browser built around the Google`s Safe Search technology to provide the cleanest Internet content available. When combined with PC Chaperone (, Cerberus Browser represents the best option for parents concerned about their children’s Internet browsing.

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Cerberus Privacy Protector 1.7

Cerberus Privacy Protector is a secure and easy program to clean activity and history traces and securely delete online Internet tracks stored in your browser and in hidden files. Cerberus Privacy Protector can delete cookies, clean index.dat files, clean the cache, erase the recent documents history, remove temporary files, free hard drive space, empty file and temp folders, just to protect your privacy and improve your system`s performance. Cerberus

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